Invoice and Billing Management Software

What’s in a name?

Contrary to Shakespeare, we’d say quite a lot. OneBill is what we’re called and OneBill is the bottom line on our product. But today – there’s a whole new journey to get to OneBill.

Billing is not enough. You need more. Much more.

With a proven product that can deliver revenue management from product definition all the way to cash in the bank and service activation: the OneBill solution offers subscriber managed custom bundling, data-driven price personalization and a channel exchange for many-to-many partner interactions that enable Communications/Cloud/IoT/Big Data benefits to be delivered to the marketplace – fast.

To us, OneBill is a complete, cloud-based, revenue management solution for the new, connected economy. How sweet is that?


For detailed product strategy, modules, features and functions – wallow in what we have to offer.



Automated revenue management is complex. Our Services make complex easy.


Standard Edition

Revenue management for the whole lifecycle

We know that B2B is a complex space and the channels you work with complicate it further. From our Standard Package to our Add-On Modules, we have a highly configurable solution that will fit your business:
• Automate your revenue management end-to-end so that you can seamlessly manage your offers, customers, billing/invoicing collections/dunning, activation and reporting
• Allow you to offer convergent services (some from service providers or partners, some your own). Craft solutions that fit your marketplace and target customers
• Create “OneBill” – a converged invoice with all your billing items in one place and at a glance for the customer/subscriber
• Manage your partners, agents and resellers so that they can offer your services/solutions and you can handle settlements with ease
• Handle growth and increasing complexity of your marketplace
Explore our product to see if it’s a fit for where you are and where you’re going.


Cloud doesn’t mean slam dunk

Your business is complex, so a SaaS solution is easier to get started with, but still needs some setup and support. We offer services to get you going and keep you operating successfully. OneBill offers two types of services: onboarding services to get you to “go-live” and support services so that we have your back after you’ve gone live. What these services look like depends on whether you’re:
• Migrating from an older billing solution, or
• Your accounting system can’t handle the complexity of your revenue management, or
• You might be setting up from scratch
Either way, we guide you through the move.
Once you’re up and running, you’re probably going to want to run the system yourself, or maybe not:
• We provide user support, additional training and general help if you get stuck, or
• We can offer a full-service, so that you can outsource your billing/invoicing
Find out more to choose what would work for you.

Support Packages

Extreme workability. How does that sound?

Techy Stuff

From system architecture to product support. IT needs to know we’re solid.


Product info

OneBill is not an island

OneBill’s revenue Management solution doesn’t work in isolation – automating the solution requires integration and IT folks want to know that the solution is well-architected, robust and scalable and that they’ll be able to live with it for the long haul:
• OneBill platform and architecture
• Our Cloud service, how it works and we scale with you
• Our product roadmap and how we manage new releases
• Security and data management
• How maintenance works
• Integrate with your accounting system, CRM or other internal systems, as well as with external services such as taxation and payment gateways.
• Migrate data from your existing systems into OneBill.
• Integrate with usage data sources from your service providers
Typically, your IT people want to supervise and be involved if your internal systems are involved. Let’s get you started.

Support Info