OneBill – an Emerging Economy Solution:

OneBill combines domain knowledge, cloud-based, full-life-cycle quote to activate technology and an Agile product development methodology to deliver a Revenue Management solution that enables:

  • Fast time to market for products.
  • Flexibility with pricing.
  • Leverage of big data and a connected marketplace for all players in the emerging economy, while continuing to serve our traditional customer base.
  • Extensive automation to take the day-to-day pains away and lets you focus on the big picture.

Handle today – Prepare For Tomorrow:

OneBill delivers immediate market enablement of our customers and their channel to deliver aggregated services that the marketplace wants with flexible pricing through an extended partnership base.

It‘s taken as read that we solve day-to-day issues of revenue management, but our innovation goes way beyond that. Our customers are looking for more to support their future development:

benefits and features of Onebill revenue management software
Over 80% of billing solutions in the telecom/cable/IT services market are still on-premise. The investment in these solutions is deep in terms of customization and data – in the short term, they’re staying in place. By contrast, the new economy is looking for a cloud based revenue management solution.

  • Providing a fully-functional solution that serves the needs of the emerging economy with forward looking features.
  • Offering a hybrid solution to legacy on-premise players that allows them to reap the benefits of a more nimble and functional solution.
  • Brings both parties together in a cloud-based revenue management marketplace that can accelerate cloud services adoption.

Down from the Cloud

Right now, what are the top benefits of OneBill’s Revenue Management solution that you could take advantage of in short order?

1. Plug the gaps with full life-cycle Revenue Management:

revenue management software wheel diagram

  • Support multiple business functions from within OneBill or in connected systems
  • Create a dynamic, flexible catalog for yourself and your partners and customers (Product Management)
  • Offer a unified view of the customer (Customer Management)
  • Empower customers/subscribers to manage their own account. Reduce CSR workloads (Self-Care)
  • Reduce duplicate data entry
  • Trigger automated activation
  • Speed up the invoicing cycle, eliminate billing errors, accelerate collections and handle delinquencies automatically including deactivation. Use analytics to measure the performance of products and promotions. (Finance)
  • Make life easy for IT with point and click integrations. (Ecosystem Integration)

  2. Sleep Peacefully:

  • Fully cloud-based solution – no burden on you or IT
  • No complex customization – we build your system through configuration
  • Fully flexible, from product configuration to invoice templates
  • OneBill – truly convergent market offers through to single bill invoicing
  • Fully capable – hierarchical billing, N-tier partner management, as much automation as you need
  • Full PCI certification
  • Hosted on SAS compliant Amazon Web Services

3. Grow and Prosper:

  • Fully scaleable – we grow with you.
  • Agile development, requested customer enhancements released regularly and quickly.
  • Visionary business, development and support team to help you create your future.

OneBill brings the expertise of its already established markets into the emerging fields of cloud, big data and IOT, constantly adapting and experimenting. With its full business ecosystem integrations, it allows the business to develop beyond its current capability, growing and scaling.

OneBill lets you go beyond Billing for your Customer. Every time.

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