OneBill comes with some out-of-the-box integrations (see Products & Services/Techy Stuff). These include accounting and CRM systems, payment gateways and taxation services. OneBill also provides extensive documentation for APIs that will enable you to perform operations on critical subscription resources such as:

  • Subscribers (Accounts), Subscriptions and Orders
  • Products and Promotions
  • Rating, Billing and Invoicing
  • Payments, Balance and Credits
  • Self Care
  • Partners

You can:

  1. Create your own APIs.
  2. Use an extensive set of APIs exposed as SOAP based web services. REST APIs are provided for interfacing to the Self-Care portal.
  3. Setup communication with the OneBill API’s use SOAP over HTTPS – a standard encrypting layer – to ensure the data transmission is encrypted.
  4. Utilize the Spring security framework to secure the authentication. The framework also acts as the access-control to all API access that occurs from external systems.
  5. Import data in bulk (Accounts, Subscriptions, CDRs, Products etc).
  6. Support asynchronous message queues to communicate with external systems.