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    Yes there is. See below for the current roadmap and read more about OneBill development on Techy Stuff.

    To reduce CSR calls, we have a Help Desk/Ticketing module that your customers can access through the Self-Care portal. They can post an issue or question that will be placed in the queue for resolution. And of course, we have a Help Desk for you, our customer.

    OneBill has over 30 out-of-the-box reports on revenue, subscriptions, payment status, partner sales, commissions etc. If you need a custom report, we can typically build it in 2-4 days during onboarding.

    Yes, OneBill presents a single view of the customer with all account details, subscriptions, invoices and payment history. You can also see exactly what the customer sees when they login to the Self-Care portal. Very useful for CSRs!

    If your customers include complex B2B accounts with multiple locations, then OneBill can handle hierarchical account setup and invoicing. You can have a master bill and individual bills with multiple addresses for each, each taxed appropriately.  You can add internal notes and can exclude for tax if tax exempt.

    Yes, you can export your partner database and import it to other systems in your organization. Contact us for the API documentation to do this.

    As many as you like, although you may need help with supporting them if we’re talking large numbers! We have custom solutions for customers with extensive partner networks.

    OneBill has a provisioning module (ProActive Activation) which allows you to set up new customer provisioning and make updates as account changes occur, whether subscription adjustments, or temporary cessation of services. You can choose to make the provisioning occur for each product by manual intervention (notifications), or you can integrate with your provisioning system (or third party provisioning) for automated activation.

    OneBill has four out-of-the-box invoice templates that suits most of our customer’s purposes. However, custom invoices can be created with as little or as much detail as your customers require, all branded, of course. OneBill allows you to choose which invoice template to use PER CUSTOMER. You can als set up branded invoices for your partners if they are billing through OneBill. This gives you unlimited flexibility and ensures customer satisfaction with the level of detail.

    Yes, from telecom CDRs, through to storage, bandwidth, database size and any other usage criteria you can to name, OneBill can consume usage data in a pre-defined format to include in your billing. We review your usage data during our sales process and help you integrate your data sources during onboarding.

    OneBill has out-of-the-box integrations for Avalara (AvaTax), BillSoft (EZTax) and SureTax. These are point-and-click integrations that you can set up yourself. If you require integrations with other tax services, let us know and we’ll get you a quote. Most are straightforward to integrate with OneBill. For really straightforward taxation, OneBill has tax calculations included within the Standard Edition.

    Yes, we have a Self-Care module  which allows you customers to sign up, manage their purchases/subscriptions and see their account status.

    Yes, you can. Our Partner module allows you to register a partner and offer all or part of your catalog to them to sell. They will be able to enter their customers, sell your products/services and send invoices to their customers. You can also manage your commercial arrangements with your partners – automating your settlements.

    If your partners choose to add their own products to “their” catalog on OneBill, then can run all their billing through the system. If you want to make this option available to your partners, let us know. It’s a real value add for the partners.

    OneBill comes with some out-of-the-box integrations (see Products & Services/Techy Stuff). These include accounting and CRM systems, payment gateways and taxation services. OneBill also provides extensive documentation for APIs that will enable you to perform operations on critical subscription resources such as:

    • Subscribers (Accounts), Subscriptions and Orders
    • Products and Promotions
    • Rating, Billing and Invoicing
    • Payments, Balance and Credits
    • Self Care
    • Partners

    You can:

    1. Create your own APIs.
    2. Use an extensive set of APIs exposed as SOAP based web services. REST APIs are provided for interfacing to the Self-Care portal.
    3. Setup communication with the OneBill API’s use SOAP over HTTPS – a standard encrypting layer – to ensure the data transmission is encrypted.
    4. Utilize the Spring security framework to secure the authentication. The framework also acts as the access-control to all API access that occurs from external systems.
    5. Import data in bulk (Accounts, Subscriptions, CDRs, Products etc).
    6. Support asynchronous message queues to communicate with external systems.

    OneBill offers two types of services: onboarding services to get you to “go-live” and support services so that we have your back after you’ve gone live. What these services look like depends on whether you’re:
    • Migrating from an older billing solution, or
    • Your accounting system can’t handle the complexity of your revenue management, or
    • You might be setting up from scratch
    Either way, we guide you through the move.

    Once you’re up and running, you’re probably going to want to run the system yourself, or maybe not:
    • We provide user support, additional training and general help if you get stuck, or
    • We can offer a full-service, so that you can outsource your billing/invoicing

    Which onboard model will work for you?

    • OneBill provides two models of Onboarding:
      • Customer Self-Onboarding, suitable for greenfield setup or situations where standard migrations and out-of-the-box integrations are available. Most operations can be done by business users with support from OneBill and minimal support by IT. Suitable for small and medium sized businesses with lower complexity.
      • Full-Service Onboarding, suitable for complex migrations, custom integrations, usage data integrations, large catalog or subscriber base migration. OneBill works closely with customer’s IT department and relevant third-parties to complete migration and integration. Basic configuration is determined through user training and then setup by OneBill.
    • Configuring and customizing the solution
      • OneBill is designed for point and click setup. Most activities can be done by business users, although IT may need to provide authentication data for third party services and extract data to create import files in csv format (subscribers, products, subscriptions, CDRs, rated transactions, payments and grants).

    OneBill’s software is offered as an enterprise-class Billing and Revenue Management platform – OneBill Lite, OneBill Flex (containing the major features and functions that most customers need for day to day management of their revenue management operations) and well as OneBill Enterprise version (modules that customers can choose for extended capabilities – including Self-Care, Proactive Automated Provisioning, Help Desk, Social Integration). This gives you maximum flexibility to configure your solution to fit your specific business needs.