Eliminating Issues One-by-One:

From small irritations to big, hairy audacious moves, we know you have a lot on your plate.

When we engage with customers, what’s top of mind for them are the day-to-day tactical problems of taking care of and growing customers and management of cash flow to the business. Many are dealing with inadequate solutions which shuttle between CRM to customer service and to accounting/billing to collections to operations and activation.

But behind the day-to-day, there’s the shifting sands of the telco/cloud/cable and IoT space. The day-to-day is only part of the burden. It’s try to figure out what tomorrow will bring that keeps our customers up at night.

While the attention of our customer industries is on creating and delivering next generation services to consumers and businesses, what often goes under the bus is the business infrastructure to handle the transactional stuff – the bread and butter work of acquiring, managing and billing customers, collecting the cash and finding creative ways of expanding the business financially.

At OneBill we try to keep equal attention on solving the day-to-day transactional issues while enabling the future.balance

Customers talk to us about their laundry list of issues:


Any of those sound familiar? That’s OK. Help is at hand.

OneBill is at the core of your revenue management solving your billing headaches and offering comprehensive functionality for the success of your business.

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A Sidebar: Reflections on Issues for the Emerging Economy

OneBill is targeting traditional and emerging Cloud/Big Data/ IoT companies to help create the commercial infrastructure for the new economy, hence delivering on “new customers” and “innovation”.

While most of the market’s focus is on addressing the gaps in the infrastructure/ hardware/ software/ analytics/ services chain. IEEE commented 4 Feb 2015 on the commercial gap in the IoT marketplace:

  • Limited applications sharing
  • Limited (usage-based) charging of the end users of these applications
  • Dedicated IoT data catalogs, IoT app store and IoT device store
  • Application, data and device catalogs dedicated to the IoT are generally missing
  • The billing (based on fixed fees, usage, or other metrics) of the end-users of the data is generally missing
  • Ability to advertise, deliver and charge for the use of applications and data
  • Validate applications against policies
  • An ecosystem of independent application developers, device manufacturers, and end-users all supporting the platform is needed for the demand for marketplace to appear and sustain

Solving these gaps is the OneBill sweet spot. The pain-points revolve around inflexible billing solutions that can’t deliver complex IoT products to market, a need to partner effectively in offering market solutions and an ability to use data-driven pricing to maximize market opportunity and profits. OneBill’s solution supports all the supply-side requirements for product/bundling and pricing definition at new economy speed. Enhanced Partner Management, Self-Care and Data-Driven Analytics modules will allow OneBill to enable the new economy to come to market.