Add-On Modules

We have a lot to offer and not everyone needs all of it. Our add-ons put us a cut above other revenue management or billing solutions. Choose from modules which are completely integrated with our Standard Package. If you work with channel to sell your products or services, need your customers to manage their own subscriptions, or want to automate activation, here’s where to look.

choose_ur_services_two Switching your Customers On (Proactive Automated Provisioning)

Automate the provisioning of your service for a new or updated subscriber, directly through OneBill:

  • Automatically connect with any downstream networks
  • Automatically activate service on network
  • Enjoy support for standard Telco protocols like TelNet, SSH, Socket and support for SOAP or REST based web services

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partners Extending your Sales Capacity (Partner Management)

Enjoy simplified, efficient partner management system across channels, no matter how multi-layered, or complex. OneBill is the most efficient multi tenant multi channel billing platform that converges multi channel operations into a single, unified, cloud-based system. OneBill also ensures that Resellers and VARs is able to contribute to the recurring revenue and is being tracked and rewarded appropriately.

  • Create reseller partners and agents
  • Sell products through channel partners including wholesale selling
  • Partners can track initial sign on to regular management of subscribers
  • Immediate and effective updating of price changes and product updates
  • Partners encouraged to try variety of pricing including flat, usage based or add on based
  • Support any channel model with built-in templates and discounting mechanisms
  • Allow partners to create unique and diverse plans for sets of customers. Also get reports on channel metrics via a dashboard in real time.
  • Settle revenue with channel partners using a variety of settlement modes
  • Enable partners to individually manage their end subscribers
  • Enable branding for reselling partners on invoices, self-service portal and more
  • Setup different prices as per partner hierarchy
  • Support for percentage based or fixed amount settlement
  • Centralized Strategy Governance of Channel Partners

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self_care Letting Your Customer Take Care of Themselves (Self Care)

Your customers/subscribers want to manage their own destiny, from signing-up, changing their account to discounting services. With our Self-Care portal you can:

  • Allow end subscribers to view and manage their account information, edit profile information, add or edit payment methods, view or pay invoices
  • Brand self-care portal as your own
  • Plug in Self-care pages to existing web portals
  • Allow simple purchases using self-care portal
  • Deploy an intuitive web interface for ease of use
  • Provide a single view where subscribers can view, manage, track orders placed on the portal
  • Manage subscriptions so that the CSR can help anytime
  • Incorporate plug and play widgets to integrate with existing websites, and extensive APIs to integrate 3rd party shopping carts
  • Integrate with payment gateways, so that subscribers can easily view and pay invoices online
  • Reach subscribers on the portal with promotional messages to upsell and cross sell

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he;p_deskWhen Customers Need Support (Subscriber Help Desk)

Integrated with the Self-Care module is an optional Help Desk, where your subscribers can post their issues or requests. On the back-end you can enter issue tickets and manage resolution:

  • Manage service requests of subscribers using a trouble ticketing workflow
  • Configure service groups and users based on hierarchy
  • Add attachments to tickets for ease of understanding
  • Enable notifications for pre-defined key actions

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socail_integrationSocial Integration

How about using social media to push out your products and promotions:

  • Integrate with Facebook
  • Automatically sync product information in Facebook business page
  • Track the activities of influencers and record loyalty points
  • Use the loyalty points to provide credits

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