With our subscription billing platform, we make billing easier for you and more dynamic for your customers

Take complete control over the billing cycle with on-time and precise billing methods suited to every need your customer may have. Choose when the customers are billed, define a custom bill cycle duration or select billing modes. OneBill gives your business complete control, setting the standard for SAAS-based billing solutions.

Billing and Invoicing - Bill when you want, how you want

Bill when you want, how you want

Bill on multiple days, specific pre-determined occasions or a date your customers chooses.

Choose from a wide array of billing methods

From a standard recurring bill to on-demand billing, give your customers a billing method that is tailored to suit their needs.

Billing & Invoicing: Choose from a wide array of billing methods
Include add-ons and other features to your bill

Include add-ons and other features to your bill

Whether it’s discounts, taxes or run-time charges, OneBill keeps your billing accurate during all phases of the billing cycle.

Dynamic Billing is your competitive edge

OneBill offers a host of tools to elevate your subscription business and support your customers

Billing Frequency

  • Customers can be billed on the same day of the month
  • Subscribers can choose a specific billing date
  • Billing can be based on service initiation date

Billing Add-ons & Taxation

  • Apply Charges: Apply a bill generation charge for customer Type being “Regular”
  • Discounts: Provide discounts at billing time based on criteria. For example, 10% off on the bill if the bill amount is greater than $100 and the customer Type is “Premium”
  • Taxes: Bill time taxes: Apply 10% or appropriate taxation on bill amount

Billing Methods

  • Standard Billing: A recurring bill generated on the billing day of the month specified by the subscriber.
  • Flex Billing: Bill generated a few days post the billing day of the month for businesses which need additional time to finalize a transaction / CDR processing
  • On-Demand Billing: A customer can finalize a bill at any point in the month
  • Order-based Billing: Ability to generate bills as part of an order.
  • Limit Billing: Ability to generate bill when the bill balance reaches a specified limit.
  • Bill suppression: Ability to suppress bill generation if the bill amount is less than a specified limit.

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