Channel Management strategy that empowers your partners

Intuitive services and tools will strengthen your partner’s capabilities and maximize your revenue. Resell your products to your partners at the specific price range, define incentive models for your partners, empower partners with a self-care portal and implement automated solutions for billing, invoicing and end of cycle-settlement.  

OneBill - Partner Management Capability showing list of partners registered
Resell products to partners - wholesale price to partners

Quick and Easy Partner Onboarding

OneBill allows you to create accounts for a resell partner or an agent with no lag-time, allowing partners to start business instantly.  You select the products they can sell from your catalog and set pricing with a product rate card tailored to each partner.  

Enable your partners with a self-care portal

Through OneBill’s configurable self-care portal, partners can view and manage their subscribers, utilize their own branding and add their own products to the channel.

Branded Self-care portal for your partners
OneBill Partner Management - Deal Registration Features

Set the Parameters for Deal Registration

Create deals that are specific to each partner whether it’s a fixed or shared revenue model.  Define the process for each sale cycle from lead generation to fulfillment.

Keep Partners Motivated by Establishing Incentive Framework

OneBill offers countless methods of paying your partners including commissions based on percentage, dollar amount or an agreed upon set of business rules.  More flexibility keeps the partner fully engaged in the sales process.

OneBill - Partner Management - Settlement rules engine
Out of the box automated settlement

Out of the Box Automated Settlement

Configure the settlement utility and define the process for each partner with multiple settlement modes depending on who is managing the subscriber.  Access and export transactional data with a user-friendly dashboard.

Access Key Metrics to Enhance Partner’s Performance

Explore the performance scorecard function to see the full spectrum of your sales landscape.  Which partners are having success?  Which ones are struggling and why?  Partners can also access this information and modify their sales tactics accordingly.

OneBill - Pricing Studio - How to define Charge Definitions

Give your Partners the Tools they Need

Partner Onboarding

  • Fast and easy, start making sales in minutes
  • Partner login created automatically at sign-up
  • Add partners in bulk to scale up quickly
  • Access to contractual documents
  • Tickets generated by partners are automatically visible
  • Manage your Partner by proxy
  • Choose what product, data and information partner sees

Self-care Portal

  • View and modify the pricing for retail products
  • White label products and choose a custom URL
  • Create and view invoices, billing and tax documents
  • View account balances and invoicing
  • Define product promotion Manage product catalog
  • Automate apportioning of subscriber payments

Deal Registration

  • Define resell policy
  • Shared or fixed revenue model
  • Specific deals for each partner
  • Allow price overrides
  • Set wholesale and retail pricing
  • Multi-functional payment gateway

Incentive Framework

  • Receive commission based sales based on percentages you define
  • Receive commissions based on an agreed-upon set of rules
  • Receive commission based on the dollar amount

Settlement Policies

  • Settlement reports for both parties
  • Settle monies for a pre-defined cycle
  • Multiple settlement modes
  • Simplified settlement configuration to define policies with each partner
  • Channel price overrides for specific resellers/products
  • Export reporting data in multiple formats (xls, doc, etc)
  • Dashboard reporting key metrics on revenue

Sell your Product in Multiple Currencies

  • Access key metrics for partner success
  • View sales data
  • View product data
  • Partner can access the dashboard

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