Getting started with OneBill

Cloud services revenue management is a mission critical application, not a piece of cake. That’s why we’ve got your back on getting up and running and getting the most out of the OneBill suite.

Making it Simple

You’re not selling Grandma’s cookies on a little ecommerce site. You have complex services, solutions and products that demand a sophisticated billing solution. Getting up and going is not a trivial matter so you want to make the right choice. You’ll be living with the solution for years.

So how do we make what might be a complex and painful setup process as easy as possible? We make sophisticated simple:

  • Point and click, not wait and wait. Much of the setup can be done by configuration, not customization.
  • Do-It-Yourself. Customers can self-onboard with our guidance, if they prefer.
  • Bring out the white gloves. We have a full-service onboarding service for our customers with limited IT bandwidth.

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Choose your onboarding service

Check the table for what might work for you:

Greenfield – out-of-the-box Self-onboard 2 weeks
Simple integrations Self-onboard with minimal customer IT support 2 weeks
Simple migration (catalog, customers, subscriptions) Self-onboard with customer IT support 4-8 weeks
Full-service Onboarding
Complex migration (catalog, customers, subscriptions, historical invoices) Full-service onboarding with customer IT support 13-17 weeks
Extensive custom reports Full-service onboarding with customer IT support
Usage data integrations
Self-care module
Partner module

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So why is a revenue management solution not turnkey?

Onboarding process flow

Whether you’re self-onboard or use full-service, our well-documented process will help you go live faster:


Either way, we’re by your side every step of the way, until you’ve sent out your initial invoices and are confident in your usage of the system. After that, you can choose a support contract going forward.

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Now for the detail.


OneBill provides you with training and support while you configure the solution and import data/prepare for first invoicing. We’ll explain what data you will need to acquire and what format the OneBill solution needs to import your data

Your self-onboarding package will have a fixed number of hours included and you can add more if you need to.

System Training

We train all your people on the system through a series of web based training sessions provided by the OneBill onboarding team. At the end of the training sessions you’ll understand how to use OneBill for your business.

Training Session Duration Purpose
Initial Walkthrough 1 Hour OneBill onboarding team trains you in how to setup and use the application specifically for your business needs and answers any questions that your business users might have.
Session 2 1 hour Q&A and demo for areas that business users want to dig deeper on or are unsure about.
Session 3 30 minutes Final Q&A session.

* Additional training sessions can be added at modest cost.


Product Catalog Setup

The OneBill team will demonstrate setting up the product catalog for various scenarios as part of the training, and will also review your catalog setup during one of the later training sessions. You’ll be setting up the product catalog and running tests against it.

Subscriber Setup:

We’ll show you how to setup your customers (subscribers / end customers / clients). We also provide a predefined csv format that can be used to import subscribers in bulk. We review the subscriber import file as part of the training sessions.

You’ll run the import of the existing customer data in the OneBill specified format and check your data.

Subscription Setup:

Next come subscriptions – as with subscribers, we’ll provide a predefined csv format that can be used to import all your existing subscriptions – and we’ll check the file before you import it.

Invoice Setup:

OneBill provides a set of 4 out of the box invoice templates. You can either use one of the templates with your logo and remittance address OR OneBill can provide an invoice customization kit if you wants to customize the invoice to suit their needs. Invoices are fully customizable, with summary or detail and you can use different invoices formats for different customers. And if you need our help, we’ll give you an estimate for customizing your invoices.

Support for self-onboarding continues for 90 days from the start date. Expect 60-75 days for anything other than a greenfield setup, leaving you some support days for after go-live.

Full-Service Onboarding

Full service onboarding is a good choice for a more complex migration, or if you are using some of our add-on modules. It’s also the right choice if you have little or no IT support or if you plan to use our Managed Service to do your invoicing for you after go-live.

We’ll provide training, but with full-service onboarding, you’ll be able to hand us your data and we’ll do all the uploading. As well as Catalog, Customers and Subscriptions, we can also handle:

  • Historical invoices
  • Usage data
  • Self-care module configuration including integration with your website if needed
  • Partner setup
  • Non-standard integrations
  • Workflow setup
  • Help Desk setup and training
  • Additional report formats

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Except in very complex situations, full-service onboarding is normally within 90 days from the start date.

And we’re flexible

Sometimes a blend of your team and our team working together is the way to go. We’ll customize your onboarding service to fit.
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