Integrate the OneBill platform with the Avalara AvaTax for Communications tax software to compute real-time taxation with ease. Minimize compliance risk by increasing tax accuracy.

OneBill - Avalara-Tax- Integration

Avalara AvaTax, pre-integrated with OneBill

The OneBill-Avalara AvaTax for Communications integration assures customers or providers of accurate tax compliance. Customers or providers can simply go ahead and test their credentials in the system with the help of the validation functionality offered by the OneBill platform. Turn the online switch ON and more accurate, automated tax compliance is a reality.

Calculating taxes based on jurisdiction doesn’t have to be difficult

For VoIP and voice related services that needs tax application for a call made between two states, Tax jurisdiction identification is one of the key parameters that help in applying taxes. OneBill uses Avalara’s PCodes to identify the tax jurisdiction. With the help of the PCodes, OneBill gathers all the necessary jurisdiction information, can reduce worries about complex jurisdiction based tax computation.

Avalara -tax-jurisdiction
Categorizing the Services

Categorizing the Services

Customers or Providers can associate the right taxation codes to the products in the OneBill platform and let AvaTax for Communications go to work. OneBill gathers all the necessary service codes from Avalara for the taxation of services. Utilize the Transaction Type code and Service Type code to define the appropriate service and the group of services to which the product belongs to.

Tax Exemptions

Exempt customers from taxation by checking the valid exemption type in the software by the Avalara for Communications system. AvaTax for Communications supports tax exemption for each transaction at multiple levels, i.e. Federal, State, and County Local. Each subscriber in the OneBill system can be set-up to use one or more of the exemptions.

Avalara taxation profile for subscribers

Avalara AvaTax profile for subscribers

It captures the necessary data which is essential to accurately tax subscribers’ accounts. AvaTax for communications allows businesses to be taxed based on rate assigned to the transaction within Avalara’s software. It requires additional details about the subscriber which will be used to determine the applicable taxes, e.g. if the customer is a residential type customer or a senior citizen.

Accurate Taxation Details

Increase the tax rate accuracy on OneBill transactions. AvaTax for Communications connects with OneBill to automatically pass the relevant tax rates based on the revenue details associated with the transaction. Avalara for OneBill enables the providers to minimize the tax liability risk by automating tax service.

Avalara-Accurate Taxation Details