OneBill + SureTax

Combine OneBill with SureTax to get real-time tax calculations for communications tax compliance, VoIP compliance and emerging services, right from the start.

OneBill - SureTax Integration
OneBill - SureTax-Preinetegration

SureTax and OneBill Pre-integrated

Combine the goodness of SureTax with OneBill platform to get real-time tax calculations for your communication business.  Use your SureTax account login and password in the settings page and you are all set! OneBill also comes with SureTax inclusive plan for you in case you don’t have SureTax account – ask product for more info.  

Offer communication services that has tax jurisdiction

For VoIP and voice related services that needs tax application for call made between two states, Tax jurisdiction identification is one of the key parameter that helps in applying taxes.  OneBill supports tax jurisdiction identification through various attributes: ZipCode; ZipCode+4; Point-to-Point; International Zip Codes for VAT; Origination Number; Two-out-of-Three test and Bill to Number.  

Define the jurisdiction rules and leave it to the billing system to do rest of the computation on real-time basis for tax computation.  

Configure Tax Exemptions

Configure Tax Exemptions

OneBill supports Tax exemptions through a set of predefined codes powered by SureTax which govern the type of taxes that are exempted and the authority level (for example county, city, state etc).  

Choose one or more tax exemption code that’s relevant for your business and leave the tax computation to OneBill to do the rest.  

Get Tax estimates for Quotes and Orders

Get tax estimates for Quotes and Order that can be used to sent to your prospects/leads even before they subscribe to your products.  SureTax API supports estimation of tax for quotes/orders that is neatly integrated through OneBill’s quote and order management modules so that business can benefit out of it.  

Tax estimate for quotes and orders
Create -Custom-SureTax-exemption

Configure custom Transaction type or Exemption code

There are variety of transaction type and exemption codes that business can choose from.  But nothing limits you from configuring custom transaction type codes or exemption codes powered by SureTax that can be used at OneBill seamlessly.  As far as your BAU transactional and exemption codes, we have it covered it already.

Tax your products and services

Allow your taxable products and services to be taxed appropriately; all using the OneBill-SureTax integration. SureTax categorizes the taxable services/products using Transaction Type Codes which comes pre-defined in OneBill. So a business only has to associate these Transaction Type Codes to the products/price plans in OneBill accordingly.

Tax your products and services

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