Digital SelfCare Portal

Launch digital self-care customer portal in minutes and allow your customers to control their own subscriptions.  

Digital Self-care Portal

Enable your Customers to Manage their Subscriptions

Let your customers choose what service they want, how they want and when they want.  Whether it is buying new, cancel or renewing existing plans ones, upgrade or downgrade plans, pause / resume a subscription – all of these actions only empower your customers to love your service even more and thereby reducing churn.  

Enable your Customers to view Invoices, Make Online Payments

Enable your customers to view their own invoices (summary or detailed), download a PDF copy of the invoice, make online payments instantly – Self-serve platform helps reduce 70% of the operations costs.  


Manage Account Profile on the Go

A single interface to help customers manage their account information themselves;  update the account profile information, update or add new payment method, contact info (business email / phone number) – offering best digital self-care experience.

Digital Self-Care Login Made Easy

Enable Single-Sign on; Grant a Simpler Selfcare Access to your Subscribers

Self-care login access powered by OneBill’s single sign-on capability helps in using their own user identity credentials using OneLogin, Google or Facebook accounts.  Now, there aren’t any excuses to login to your digital self-care experience.


Collect Payments Online, Generate Payment Receipts

Digital self-care portal let’s you automate routine operations and reduces support calls by letting your customers handle their payments online.  Your customers can view all their invoices, pay for the invoices that are due, instantly download payment receipts from self-care portal

Brand your SelfCare Portal

Every business is different and it is important to express the same to your customers. Brand your self-care the way it best suits your business and let your customers have a seamless experience managing their subscriptions.

Access Control

The OneBill platform will let a business define selfcare access permissions for their end subscribers. It will help a business determine what they would like their end subscribers to be able to do in the selfcare such as restrict a subscriber to cancel a subscription from the self care.

Ticket Management

Channel your customer queries using built-in helpdesk feature to raise a support issue. Get notified about the support tickets and proactively resolve the queries by offering best customers experience.

Product Catalog

Use the OneBill product catalog connect URL and offer your products in the application to your subscribers for purchase using your own custom designed shopping catalog or go ahead with the OneBill default presentation.

Web Services

Connect to the OneBill self-care from your own customer support system using the self-care REST web services offered by OneBill. Perform all the self-care operations in our platform while using your own support portal as the front system to cater to your customers.

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Provide your end subscribers with a seamless shopping experience with the OneBill self-service portal. Purchasing new products on the go has never been easier for the end subscriber.

Enable the OneBill SelfCare and Reach the Extra Mile.