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OneBill is the future of Billing & Revenue Management for the cloud economy. Designed for flexibility, engineered to make complex things simple, easy to use, configure rather than customize. With the industry strength of an on-premise solution and the nimbleness of an agile SaaS solution, no-one can match our range of functionality. Find out if we’ve got what you need in our Standard Package or Add-Ons.

OneBill Software – Standard Edition

OneBill Product and Services Pricing

subscribers Subscribers

icon_three (3) Billing

icon-how-3 Reporting and Analytics

For a quick glimpse of the OneBill interface, check out the sidebar “Take a Peek” or click one of the links below:

Setup your Product Catalog (Pricing Engine)

We handle the most complex subscription-based catalogs with ease.


Manage your Products

    • Setup products, bundles and product provisioning parameters
    • Setup recurring, one time (non-recurring), usage or metered, markup rates
    • Variable pricing: volume-based, tier and threshold
  • Pricing based on business rules (e.g. dynamic pricing for your customers)
  • Retail and wholesale pricing
  • Setup coupons, discounts, trial charges and freebies
  • Provide proration for subscription charges
  • Bulk import of products with onetime or recurring metered fee

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Manage your Customers (Subscribers and Subscription Management)

We make your sales staff and CSRs happy with extensive functionality for managing customers/subscribers and their product choices/subscriptions. Also, see how subscribers can manage their own account with our Self-Care portal.


  • Consolidate usage charges (recurring or onetime)
  • Ensure unique subscriber specific bill delivery on predefined billing date of each month
  • Set pre-defined date for subscription activation
  • Allow Regular, On Demand or Delayed billing
  • Enjoy flexible invoicing by branding the invoices generated as your own
  • Ease of choice with pre-defined invoice templates
  • Use marketing promotional images in invoices
  • Monitor expenses and subscription for each account

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Dealing with billing (Billing, Collections and Dunning)

OneBill gives you highly customizable billing, invoicing, and payment capabilities for your subscribers. Then there’s always some whose credit card fails or payment doesn’t show up. We have a range of functionality to make sure you get your money or take action if you don’t.


  • Offer both summary and detailed invoice data
  • Automated e-mail delivery with customizable notifications
  • Manage Credit limits for Currency and Non-Currency Balances
  • Keep track of account balances at every level based on validity
  • Generate fully personalized invoices for subscribers with flexible billing cycles – even On Demand
  • Handle different types of payments : credit cards, debit cards, Echecks, cash, check & vouchers
  • Support subscription suspension, upgrade, downgrade, adjustments and more
  • Turn on customizable dunning notifications for non-paying subscribers
  • Terminate subscriptions on non-payment
  • Temporarily suspend or resume subscription based on collection
  • Control orders operations during collection cycle
  • Send alerts to subscribers and internal users
  • Collect arrears with a streamlined process
  • Identify and close potential revenue leakages
  • Send custom notifications to customers to ensure collection
  • Increase or decrease, stop or pause invoicing and order processing
  • Halt customer delivery based on payment status set by you

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Understanding the State of Your Business (Reporting and Analytics)

Our reports give you a comprehensive insight into your business


  • Customizable dashboards for reporting ranging from Revenue reports to day-to-day business reports
  • Marketing and sales intelligence with top selling product reports and more
  • Making informed business decisions with detailed revenue and subscription reports
  • Managing price to ensure maximum profit with Price Plan changing reports
  • Detailed financial information with upcoming invoices and subscription reports
  • Maximum visibility for CXO’s on business functions and channels performance. Making informed decisions
  • Manage collections and payments through various reports like credit card expiry report, payments reports

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Think this does not fully meet your requirements? Check out our OneBill Add On Modules