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In the past few years, subscription business has had exponential growth, which resulted in the majority of services and businesses, digital or non-digital, being subscription based. This allowed subscription-based businesses to have a recurring base of customers, who use their services or application by subscribing to their subscription plans. However, in order to reap maximum benefits and generate better revenue from the market, businesses need to be able to manage their recurring billing customers, which is made possible by Subscription Management Software.

Subscription Management System or software is a much-needed tool that enables any organization in any industry to successfully launch and manage multiple subscriptions and to get real-time access to customers, transactions, and other subscription-related data. Moreover, it is designed to help businesses handle recurring payments and to simplify information extraction.

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OneBill’s Subscription Management Solutions: For Your Growing Business

Empowering Subscription Management!

OneBill’s Software Management Solutions are designed with latest and advanced features that make running any subscription-based business simple, fast and secured. Our tool helps you save time and money, maximize recurring revenue, manage billing solutions, and unleash the full potential of your subscription billing business. Our subscription management tool is embedded with features like:

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Our Subscription Management Tool: Take Care of your Customer’s Subscription Billing Life Cycle

1.  Free CRM for Customer Management:

In our Subscription Management Tool, we offer an intuitive CRM web interface that enables you to manage customer accounts, their profile info, billing settings, etc.,  all in one integrated hub. Our interface eliminates the need for any additional third-party CRM tool and makes the entire process hassle-free by providing OneView to subscribers to view all their spending across all subscriptions, view orders, view invoices and payments.  

  • A quick view of all the details related to the customer, subscription, recurring and recovered revenue, etc.
  • Get subscription related details from a single place.
  • View important details, like payment success, sign-ups, renewal, expiring debit & credit card, and more.
  • Monitor churn rate, MRR, & the growth of the business.

subscription management actions

2.  Subscription Management Actions:

From collecting and managing details related to transactions, customer, and pricing strategies to automating recurring and one-time payments and generating invoices, with our tool enjoy running quickly all your management actions.

  • Buy new products.
  • Upgrade or downgrade product plans.
  • Cancel or renew automatically.
  • Pause or resume subscriptions, view orders, quotes, etc.  
  • Generate & Pay invoices using numerous payment options.
  • Easily update & change payment methods with our multiple billing models payment gateways.

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