Round out your solution with integrated services and systems

With complex billing comes the need for  an integrated ecosystem of third-party services and internal systems.


Cloud Taxation and compliance

If you’re not sure if you’re taxing your transactions correctly or if you’re fully compliant in any jurisdiction, then you probably aren’t. You need a combination of a good taxation service and some expert compliance advice.

OneBill has integrated taxation for straightforward tax tables, or you can choose from one of our taxation partners for both US and international taxation.

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  • Have your own tax service? We can integrate with that too.
  • Need some compliance advice? We can recommend some exemplary firms you can work with.

Payment Gateways

Want to take payment by credit or debit card? You’ll need to integrate with a payment gateway such as or Paypal. We also support ACH (USA) and invoice payments, and manage credit card failures and refunds. Payment automated!

Carriers and Rating Engines

If you’re dealing with transactions, either traditional or digital, that require rating, you’ll need integration with your carriers and a rating engine. We can provide that.

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Integrate with AT&T, T-Mobile and more for your CDRs. Capture usage data to prepare your billing automatically. Use OneBill’s internal engine or if you need high-volume rating results in real time for billing or for your self-care portal, we have the perfect third party solution for you

Accounting Systems

We have out-of-the-box integrations for Oracle Financials and for QuickBooks. Accounting integrations tie OneBill transactions to your accounting codes for various types of charges, promotions and discounts.


Check out the video explaining our integration with QuickBooks:


Using Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM? We create a 2-way synchronization for orders, viewing invoices, check payment status, and analytics on subscriber and subscription data.

Check out the video explaining our Bi-Directional integration with Salesforce: