Automate Order orchestration and fulfillment across multiple vendor services

OneBill ProActive allows you to achieve end-to-end automation of the order fulfillment process with the help of the order orchestration, provisioning and activation capabilities that help to offer the best experience for your customers by integrating with downstream systems.


Instant Activation – Service turn ON/OFF

OneBill ProActive enables users in defining workflows which helps in removing any form of manual intervention for the order fulfillment process. The order fulfillment process in the system takes the order through several stages as defined in the workflow such as the service feasibility checking stage, and a reservation stage in order to entirely provision and activate the service.

Define your own business flow for order orchestration

You get to decide what set of tasks need to be completed before the system provisions and activates the service; all via a user-friendly interface. The OneBill ProActive allows a user to configure workflows which essentially defines the flow of operations for an order fulfillment. Various types of tasks or subtasks can be configured as part of a workflow definition.

OneBill - Pricing Studio - How to define Charge Definitions
Order provisioning and activation

Rules-based provisioning and activation

Provisioning of criteria based services doesn’t have to be a challenge for your business. The system allows association of rules with individual tasks, thus automating activate, update, or terminate operations on services across any network device or application. You could have a rule set up to execute all porting specific tasks, purely based on the “Porting Number” from the incoming orders.

On-the-fly order changes

User can make any number of changes to an existing order on the go. Making changes to the workflow, tasks, or more can be handled with ease using the ProActive system. For example, you could potentially wish to add a new mandatory task of as part of the provisioning process for the provisioning and activation of a SIM.

OneBill - Pricing Studio - How to define Charge Definitions

Configurable Notifications  of order state change

Go ahead and add custom notification templates by configuring the content of the notification email. Users can be notified of any changes made to an order using the configurable notifications in the ProActive system. The system will also allow you to include numerous elements or variables into the notification content such as the Order Number, Company Name, Account Number, Contact First Name, Failure Reason, and more as part of the customization.

Audit trail and reporting



OneBill ProActive maintains a complete audit trail of all actions undertaken by the system. This includes details of all provisioning requests and responses, timestamp, and all changes to the configuration details by the operator’s staff. The system allows monitoring an order specific provisioning requests and response. Statistics are stored and standard reports support analysis of all stages of the service management lifecycle.

OneBill - Pricing Studio - How to define Charge Definitions

Gain more control over your orders,

provision and activate your services with ease

The following is how OneBill ProActive will give your business the extra edge over your competition

Pre-integrated device and number inventory

OneBill ProActive is pre-integrated with the optional device and number management inventory module which essentially manages the physical and logical network resources used to build services. That way, the business’s device assignment and the device state management is automatically updated with the success of an order fulfillment.

Support for order enrichment and execution

Enrich your orders for successful order fulfillment by providing additional data which may be requested by the downstream systems as part of the provisioning and activation. Static and dynamic values can be associated dynamically based on a predefined logic for any service as required by the downstream system.

Dynamic order decomposition

In order to better handle large workflows or bigger order fulfillment requests, the OneBill ProActive system intelligently breaks down orders into sub-orders and sub-tasks. It helps achieve the bigger fulfillment with ease by allowing for an easy and simplified debugging of orders, should something erroneous were to occur.

Automated Order retries, rollback and repush support

ProActive supports retry mechanism at a task level allowing users to define the retry operation on failed orders within a defined time interval. You can also roll back all successfully executed tasks if any specific task which is part of a workflow were to fail. The system supports a repush operation which can be performed at a UI level as well that allows for the repushing of failed orders.

Multi-site, Multi-service, Multi-protocol orders activation support.

OneBill ProActive provides an open and flexible mechanism to interface with any number of network elements, either via REST, SOAP, TELNET/SSH, SOCKET based protocol adapters. Multi-site (multiple locations) activation can be achieved through a single order using the ProActive system.

Pre-integrated with OneBill product catalog

Defined services in the application can be readily associated to any number of products or bundles which are created in the OneBill application.

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