Do you have the Edge to Conquer the Emerging Economy?

Be it cloud, telecom, cable, big data or internet of things, OneBill is a versatile Revenue Management solution that’s scalable and way ahead of the curve. With OneBill, cruise along while adapting to new market conditions with ease while handling day-to-day operations with accuracy and velocity.

1. Be Agile:


OneBill is a pioneering cloud based solution also offered on-premise or on private cloud. OneBill guarantees adaptability, flexibility and scale in taking your catalog to market, handling your customers and partners and bringing in the cash. You can concentrate on introducing technology to every other aspect. Just think of the mind space freed by our solution.

2. Be Flexible:


Launch a new service in real time, with custom offers, discounts and pricing plans. Work with the customer to manage payments in either postpaid or prepaid, sometimes both. And the icing on the cake? Live analytics that help you determine how to enhance your results with cross-sell/up-sell, new promotions and bundles and ever greater lifecycle velocity.

3. Be Customer Centric:

Customer centric

From integrations that that help CSR’s to have access to all customer data in one-view, to self care portals that can be branded to your convenience, OneBill ensures that you put customers first and are able to make informed decisions to go that extra mile for them.

4. Be Compact:

multiple screens

Today you have disconnected applications for accounting, taxation, CRM and more. With OneBill’s integrations, business functions and their applications have one platform that brings them all together – seamlessly integrated.

5. Be Nimble:


In the age of multiple product offerings in multiple channels across multiple markets, IT becomes a serious bottleneck. Now launch across channels, time zones, currencies/languages and social networks. Set results on fire with your nimble go to market strategies.

6. Be Disruptive:


Unlimited product bundling, unlimited promotions, unlimited pricing plans. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. With OneBill, go above and beyond the usual for your customer. Allow customers to bundle solutions that are relevant to them, intuitively up-sell and cross-sell for profit and customer delight.

7. Be Mobile:

be mobile

Offer B2C and B2B customer self-care that is device independent – whether they want to sign-up, configure their services, pay their invoice or check their account.

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