One Size Does Fit All

In the telecom, cable, cloud and IoT business today, it’s either adapt or go under. The lines between the verticals are blurring, everything is going to the cloud and the Internet of Things is just around the corner.

OneBill has a solution that can meet the needs of all these verticals, while scaling to your organization (we have some very clever code that does that). Plus we are an enterprise-wide solution that takes care of the pain that shows up in every department, from Marketing, Product Management and Sales, through Finance, Customer Service, Operations and IT. It’s no small promise that we can make a difference for everyone.

What would it be like if your revenue management solution fit your company?

Mostly, people equate SaaS, with “you get what you get”. We’re committed to creating a solution that works for your company, in all your uniqueness. From small to large, simple to complex, stand alone or fully integrated, we’ve designed our solution to fit to you, with a wealth of functionality and a way to fit your situation like a favorite sweater. Ahhhh.

Enterprise or SMB?

Whether you’re big or small, revenue management is still complex. Or is it?



Your industry today will be different tomorrow. Keep up with the market.



Finance, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Operations, IT?



Do we really say “one size fits all? Yes we do.

Enterprise and SMB may vary in scale, but they have the same problems and frustrations in managing a subscription business on shifting sands.

For big business, you have the capacity (and hopefully investment) to respond to market changes and create new services and solutions. But if your revenue management solution can’t keep up because it’s old and inflexible (or even new and inflexible), then your competition might get ahead of you as you try to expand your ownership of your customers/subscribers. And all the while, you’re dealing with billing errors, customer service volumes, cash collection, partners and their settlements, while keep the executives, board and shareholders happy. Let’s tackle that.

For smaller businesses, you have to do a lot with a little. Maybe you find yourself dealing with nit-picky things like billing, that you wish could be quick and easy, but aren’t. You have to pick your battles and it would be great if your revenue management solution could give you all the flexibility and automation that would make it easy for you to go to market and serve your customers/subscribers. And you could get some breathing space to strategize for your business, services/solutions, revenue and profit. Sound good?


Focus is the name of the game

When you think about your customers, you want to bring them the best solutions – you can do that’s because you’re expert in your space. Same for us. We go narrow and deep, focusing on verticals where we have wide ranging expertise and can create the best revenue management solution for those industries.

So far so good, but now there’s a spanner/wrench in the works. Whichever industry you’re in, you’re undergoing a transformation. Wireline services are dying. Wireless and VoIP are joining software, platforms and data in the cloud. Cable is bundling video, voice and data.
Services and solutions are converging – to keep up you have to cross-over into unfamiliar territory. Nothing new about that except that the speed at which it’s happening is accelerating.

Add to that the dawn of the Internet of Things, threatening to overshadow human-to-human communications with more data than we can even imagine. As yet, we just see the tip of the iceberg of a world of connected “things”. No doubt you’ve been eyeing that space, looking for ways in which you can stay ahead of the curve while bringing value to your customers. It’s going to need more than your everyday billing system to handle what’s coming.

It’s going to need OneBill.


Get your job done in a fraction of the time

If your life consist of endless emails and phone calls and collaboration between department to get:
• products launched
• customer/subscriber quotes done
• accounts set up
• invoicing started
• service activated
• ongoing account maintenance
then OneBill has something for everyone that touches your customers.

Find out how we can help you do your job with efficiency, ease and automation.

Marketing/Product Management/Sales

OneBill flexes and scales with you