White paper:  What is a Subscription 2.0 Billing Platform?

The next generation of subscription business is here.

In a world where every customer is now a subscriber, companies pursuing a Subscription model have found they must review their operating systems.

A Subscription 2.0 platform needs to do much more than generate monthly invoices. It needs to manage the entire customer lifecycle – from concept to cash.

What Is Subscription 2.0 Billing Platform?

The key benefits of Subscription 2.0 are:

    • Fast time-to-market
    • Personalized bundles and pricing
    • Elastic subscription
    • End-2-end life cycle support
    • Integrated provisioning & activation
    • Peaceful co-existence strategy

Can your existing infrastructure support your move into the brave new world of Subscription 2.0 business?

Download our white paper to find out what it means to your business infrastructure and what you need to be ready for in todays changing subscription business environment.

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“OneBill has brought flexibility and a “can do attitude” that we really need in our billing partner. we can see how to do that as we grow our business. We consider OneBill as a great partner in long term.”

– Bobby Hampton, VP Operations, CWG Solutions