From Quote to Order to Activation to Invoicing to Cash and Beyond

You’ve got every problem in the book AND you’ve got scale. Your customers/subscribers are very demanding, often major corporations with multiple divisions. Your delivery model is complex, your partners numerous and your systems a convoluted spaghetti junction of homegrown solutions with complex packaged software implementations.

With a long track record of business success, responding to technology changes, growing your direct and reseller results, maybe some M&A, you’re now facing a faster rate of change and more competition from new, unexpected players than ever before.

But you have the scale and the experience to conquer the emerging economy.

With your ever growing customer/subscriber base consuming ever more complex services and solutions, risks that once were small become much larger.

  • For many with expensive legacy billing systems, it’s hard to keep up with the global rate of change, or even with the day to day pressure to engage more, sell more, lose less, be more flexible, be more efficient.
  • For those working with conventional accounting systems… enough said, we understand.

OneBill has your complete revenue management answer that handles the whole subscriber lifecycle from Quote to Order to Activation to Invoicing to Cash and much more. Even if your legacy system isn’t going anywhere, consider OneBill for your new economy business. You need to be nimble to keep ahead.

Effecting Change

In a large organization, change is slow and difficult. But the market wants responsive and agile. How do you marry the two?

Although 80% of enterprise cloud and telecom providers are using in-house systems for revenue management and billing, many are eyeing SaaS solutions (enviously). How can you possibly take advantage of them?

Consider two strategies:

  • Pick the right solution– very few SaaS solutions handle the complexity of revenue management that you have today or will have in the future. OneBill’s product is one of a very select few. We would say the top one.
  • Be nimble while limiting your risk. Choose a segment of your business that needs a better solution and fast. Pilot a SaaS program and then integrate it with your legacy solution. When it’s time to move over, you can take it step-by-step.

How does OneBill help Enterprise Customers?

OneBill is an Enterprise strength cloud based SaaS solution that’s highly flexible and scalable, with sophisticated functionality wrapped in an intuitive user experience.  Some high points of OneBill’s solution for Enterprise:

  • Intelligent architecture automatically load-balances to ensure smooth and seamless business function at all times.
  • Data-driven dynamic pricing.
  • “N-Tier capable” channel partner, reseller, agent management
  • Extensive flexibility from pricing plans and promotions, to invoice formats to multi-party settlements to reports and analytics
  • Handling the whole lifecycle of revenue management, from Quote to Cash

We’re all about maximizing margins and revenue. Consider where our capabilities might play in your scenario:

Enterprise Billing and Invoicing Management Software

Why Choose OneBill for Enterprise Billing and Invoicing Management Software?

Top 10 reasons why OneBill has the advantage:

  1. Full life-cycle Revenue Management.
  2. Ability to support all services, products, solutions within one catalog and on a single bill – “OneBill”.
  3. 25 pricing plan models.
  4. Dynamic data-driven pricing.
  5. Convergent Billing.
  6. On-premise, Hybrid or Public Cloud.
  7. Sophisticated Partner Management with functionality for partners, their catalogs and multi-party settlements.
  8. Integrations with extenal solutions and internal legacy systems.
  9. Self Care to allow subscribers to manage their own account.
  10. Fast onboarding (you can do it yourself) and ongoing support (as much as you need).
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