Cloud-Based Revenue Management Solutions

Cloud, Telecom, Cable or IoT?

It’s getting harder to separate verticals, but whether you’re a purist or a cross-over, each industry has its own nuances. That’s why we focus on a narrow range, while going deep with each. We know what your vertical needs.

Take advantage of our:

  • AWS hosted, multi-tenant solution
  • Private cloud or on-premise if you choose
  • Agile development driven by customer needs – regular updates
  • Highly scaleable – from small business to enterprise
  • Deep vertical knowledge
  • Quick onboarding
  • Automation through full integration

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As a pioneer in cloud-based Revenue Management solutions, OneBill truly understands and appreciates the power of cloud computing. Our expert development team is always looking at adding to the product. Our cloud-based, multi-tenant model allows us to roll out those changes fast and often, so we can stay ahead of the curve and so can you.

With SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and every cloud based offering evolving rapidly, what you need is a best in class revenue management solution that not only solves your billing, but also lets you launch new products, campaigns, pricing and promotions instantly to stay ahead of the competition.

And OneBill then goes a step further and tracks customer preferences and provides live analytics to discover best selling campaigns and promotions.

OneBill can manage any pricing model, any invoice cycle, and also implement dunning to manage demos, trials, late payments and more.

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SaaS/Software companies

Hopefully, you’re seeking year-on-year growth at the industry average of 33%. If you’re not, OneBill could help.

SaaS companies like yours might be offering all kinds of pricing models. At the simplest level, there’s the bronze, silver, gold approach. If you’re checking out OneBill, it might be because you’ve outgrown that model. Now we’re talking.

Increasingly, more complex software solutions are moving to the cloud, more sophisticated pricing models are needed, more customers need to be managed and then there’s the specter of taxation and compliance.

Check the items below for things you might be dealing with:

  • Does your solution need modular pricing, user-based pricing, require other components (hardware, hosting, third-party products, services)? All combined on “OneBill”?
  • Do you handle a wide variety of industries, company sizes or user types?
  • Do you need pro-rated billing, usage-based billing or other dynamic billing elements?
  • Do you want pricing flexibility to help you acquire new customers?
  • Are you “handling” taxation across your sales geographies? Are you at risk in this area?

OneBill tackles all these areas for SaaS and software companies.

Check out the recording of OneBill – Avalara joint webinar here.


Cloud Data Centers/IaaS/PaaS

According to Cisco*, global data center IP traffic will more than double by 2018 and cloud data centers will be handling 78% of workloads.

Not only will traditional in-house data centers gradually migrate to the cloud, but the Internet of Things will generate a whole new world of solutions and data that need nimble cloud-based infrastructure. Lots to do.

To offer everything your customers want, you need trusted partners that provide solutions and services that add value to your business model. This situation will become even more complex as SaaS and IoT explode. OneBill is the only revenue management solution that offers:

  • Unlimited product/service types – hardware, software and other products, subscription services, professional services or any combination thereof. The sky’s the limit.
  • Highly flexible, customer/subscriber driven dynamic pricing models.
  • Renewals, updates, additional services, reconfigurations – manage changes or allow your customers to handle their own subscriptions – on any device they choose.
  • Pro-rate based on service start date.
  • Partner/reseller/agent management. You can onboard partners in a few clicks, making your services available to them to up-sell and manage multi-party settlements. The roadmap includes expanding to a many-to-many partner model.
  • Truly convergent – one bill is the goal.

Get ready for the next wave of change with OneBill’s future-proofed solution.


Aggregating communications services on the cloud, UCaaS companies are typically offering:

  • Voice and telephony, including mobility support
  • Conferencing — Audio conferencing, videoconferencing and Web conferencing
  • Messaging — Email with voice mail and unified messaging (UM)
  • Presence and instant messaging (IM)
  • Clients — Including desktop clients and thin browser clients
  • Communication applications — For example, integrated collaboration and contact center applications

OneBill offers pricing models/plans that cover this wide range of services and a partner module that allows solution providers to pull together a range of services for their customers.

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Nobody knows telecom like we do. Whether you’re a service provider or solutions company, you want to:

  • Work with experts in your vertical – not generalists.
  • Use a solution that handles the minutiae of telecom revenue management without heavy customization.
  • Supports wireline, wireless, VoIP and non-telecom offers too.
  • Be able to flex to the changing marketplace. Create new services, solutions, partnerships, alliances and agents/resellers and manage them all seamlessly, including multi-party settlements without IT intervention.
  • Proactive team with extensive industry expertise – we stay updated and update our product also.
  • Cloud based platform ensuring scalability and flexibility.
  • Brand the offerings as your own, white-label products. Build your brand.
  • Automate revenue management from quote to activation.
  • Handle Payment Modes: Invoicing (startup, prepaid, postpaid), Pre-Paid (usage prompts next charge), eCheck, Credit Card, Cash.
  • Handle Charge Types: Recurring (with frequency), One-Time, Metered. Feature based.
  • Handle Charges Modes: Fixed, Variable (Tiered. Threshold or Volume Based), Rule-Based.
  • Allow customers to manage their own subscriptions – on any device.
  • Activate and manage resellers and agents, including multi-party settlements.
  • Know how your business is doing, how your services and solutions are performing.
  • Reduce costs with automation.
  • Seamlessly integrate with 3rd party systems – enable your business functions to communicate and work in sync.
  • Billing system integrated with SureTax to handle the complexities of Telecom Taxation
  • Enjoy multiple bundling options – upselling and cross selling now made easy.
  • Truly convergent – one bill is the goal.

Check out the recording of OneBill and EZTax here.



Informa Telecoms & Media is forecasting the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market to reach 270 million subscriptions by the end of 2018 serving over 3% of the world’s subscriptions.  Europe leads the way in MVNO with US the second-largest market.

With around 1,000 MVNOs worldwide, OneBill offers support for all sizes of MVNOs on a multi-tenant solution with a modular structure that includes subscriber self-care on any device.

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As with many other verticals, the cable industry worldwide is dealing with convergent services for Cable, broadband, Prepaid/Postpaid, Triple Play, Mobile TV and so on. This requires a solution that can offer convergent billing that is accurate and creates “one bill” for the subscriber. Subscribers also want their choice of payments methods, from the credit or bank card, check, Paypal or even cash.

That’s not easy. It requires consolidated use of multiple systems, like 3rd party network elements, middleware, CAS, various other independent systems, through tight integration, to create that invoice and collect efficiently.

Using OneBill reduces complexity and allows for easy management of services from Customer/Subscribers through Distributors/ Resellers whether by the cable company or through online Self-Care.

Add to that the potential for more flexible and dynamic bundling and you have a recipe for cooking up a very attractive package that will help retain customers and have them delighted with your solutions.

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Cisco* estimates that globally by 2018, the data created by IoE devices will be 277 times higher than the amount of data being transmitted to data centers from end-user devices.

You’re a part of that. You need a marketplace to succeed.

As your solution develops, you’ll envision more and more creative opportunities for how to monetize it. But to do that, you need some power at your back:

  • In an emerging market, initial pricing models and offers tend to be 101. Wouldn’t it be better if you could launch with more sophistication in your pricing model – something that actually makes sense to your customers.
  • You want data-driven pricing, allowing customers to create their own solution bundle, plus (ultimately) using your big data to driven pricing. Think what you could do with that concept.
  • You might have started with hardware, services and cloud computing/data management, but soon your data will be a product too. Have a system that’s geared up to handle that.
  • You won’t be able to go it alone. You need services and solutions wrapped into your solution AND you want to spread the word by engaging a channel. Now you have the problem of how to manage all those constituents.  Time for a many-to-many partnering solution.