OneBill for SaaS

Endless possibilities to monetize your Product

Let your product pricing do the talking

Define a variety of charge types like one time, recurring, usage-based, hybrid (fixed recurring + usage based), feature-based (dynamic pricing based on a number of features opted), volume-based pricing (slab based) and rule-based pricing.

OneBill - Pricing Studio - How to define Charge Definitions

Get creative with pricing 

In a subscription business, an innovative pricing strategy can be the difference between success and failure.  You will be amazed at the endless possibilities to price your offerings with OneBill. 

Our tools give you the flexibility to come up with new and effective pricing strategies uniquely suited to your products.  We are sure we have covered it all.  

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Subscription Management tools to your customers

Empower your customers to manage their subscriptions 

  • Buy new products
  • Upgrade/downgrade product plans
  • Cancel/renew automatically
  • Pause/resume subscriptions
  • View orders, quotes
  • Pay invoices
  • Update payment methods

Recurring billing and subscription management tools for your SaaS business

Here is how OneBill can help you strategize your product pricing, offer tools to launch your products and manage thousands of subscribers easily.  

Product with the variety of charges 

Define one-time, recurring, usage-based or hybrid pricing (recurring + usage) easily using OneBill’s pricing studio – Rolling out products quickly to market.

Stay ahead of your competition 

Creatively choose the charge definitions.  Whether it is a flat charge, volume-based charge, feature-based, rule-based, time of the day, or an add-on product – OneBill has it all.  

Adopt CDR Processing and Usage Billing strategy

Usage charges are a powerful way of billing your customers. It’s not rocket science! OneBill has easy UI driven usage charge definition for mapping your CDR files to usage charges.

Use Promotions in your Pricing Strategy

Define free trials, design freemium model, offer coupons, discounts, grants (for example, free 10GB data/monthly) and rule-based pricing to make your offer unique.

Be 100% Tax Compliant

Whatever your product/service type is, you can configure tax definitions accurately. OneBill has an automated tax calculator that takes the complexity out of the taxation process.

Sell your product in Multiple currencies

Monetize your product offering in multiple countries and currencies by using multi-currency capability without having the need to define separate products for each currency.

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