Get to know us

“Rather than taking our requirements as a problem, you seemed to take these as opportunities to enhance the platform.  This attitude is obviously fostered by the leadership at OneBill and will serve your company well in this space.” (Customer Quote)

OneBill was established in the spring of 2010 in Santa Clara, CA. From the word “go” our mission has been to create a new category of software, one focused on revenue management, rather than just billing. One concerned with the needs of our customers.

OneBill is the revenue management solution for next generation. Sounds complex? Actually, no. OneBill unravels the complexity of the revenue management challenge, across industries, departments, processes, third-parties and integrations. We are agile, innovative and obsessively responsive. That’s what sets us apart.

JK Chelladurai, our Founder & CEO talks about his vision for the OneBill product:

Today, we’re ahead of the market in functionality, usability and ease of implementation.

OneBill’s Development center in Bangalore houses a passionate, talented group of engineers, customer onboarding and support teams that make magic happen every day – bringing full-lifecycle revenue management and automation to our customers, so that they can move at the speed of the market.

Building relationships. Enabling customers.