A solution provider connects with multiple carriers and with numerous products which can be bundled in various combinations. OneBill is the missing link between the AT&T Platform and the solution provider’s offering. And with the relationship developed through AT&T, OneBill helps service providers with all their product and services even beyond AT&T.

From the time of joining the program in 2014, OneBill has now risen to be a preferred revenue management solution vendor in the AT&T Partner Exchange Program.

Find out how OneBill complements AT&T service providers in this video:

Our integration with AT&T

AT&T Partners in the “APEX” program can offer Network (wireline), Mobile (wireless) and Cloud services. You don’t want to be shuttling between systems to do business.

OneBill has created integrations and custom tools that work directly from OneBill:

  • Get wireline customer quotes from AT&T into OneBill and submit orders to AT&T
  • Use out-of-the-box template for setup for non-wireline products
  • Create and check import files for MRC, NRC and usage data
  • Use markup based/usage based rating for  CDRs for voice, data and text

Coming soon: EDI data will provide AT&T with all billing data in standard format to partners. OneBill will consume EDI data and apply markup tax and additional charges.