OneBill was established in the spring of 2010 in Santa Clara, a few short years after the sale of Portal Software to Oracle. Portal Software was the technical brainchild of OneBill’s Founder and CEO and a number of our team today. From the word “go”, OneBill’s ambitious dream was to set the bar for billing solutions much higher by going to a SaaS model and moving from “billing” to full-lifecycle “revenue management”. We attracted experts in the field who couldn’t wait to take up the challenge and dedicated the next four years doing just that.

Today, OneBill enjoys the edge as the company well ahead of the market with our sophisticated yet simple to use solution. We boast functionality that others just don’t have, even our strongest competitors.


At the source of our success

Innovation is the name of our game. From initial concept to the platform we have today, OneBill has been engineered to scale dynamically and handle the really complex, but necessary challenges of subscription billing such as dynamic pricing, partner and channel management and end-to-end lifecycle management, even including activation.

We maintain that edge with a competitive yet appreciative work environment and a start-up mentality with the resources and stability of a powerful global entity. Headquartered in Santa Clara with a development center in Bangalore, OneBill connects a passionate, talented group of people into a global network, serving customers all over the world.

We provide intuitive tools for onboarding and day-to-day revenue management, backed by highly responsive support, and immediate account and service activation for the end-customers. With OneBill, you can concentrate on your business, while we take your revenue management worries away.